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This organic Gyokuro was specially created by our tea tasters, for whom we selected only the best daily harvests from Kagoshima. After growing the tea in the shade for three weeks, the leaves of this Japanese green tea are gently steamed to retain their fine leaf texture.

Each batch is then given a so-called ‘roasting finish’ to give it a more intense flavour. After being stored for several months, our Gyokuro will be available in the autumn.

Every year our tea tasters determine the exact composition of this special blend, ensuring the perfect combination of cultivar properties to produce a well-rounded blend of flavours. It is so unique that it can be enjoyed simply by adding boiling water.

Time grown in the shade: 3 weeks
Steaming time: Short (Asamushi)
Special feature: produced by small family-run businesses
Grown in: Kagoshima
Certified organic: Yes

rder the unique Kimigayo and enjoy the very best that Japanese green tea has to offer.


Japanese tea lovers add 10g of Gyokuro Kimigayo – First Flush to 150ml water, leaving to brew for 90 seconds at 60°C. For the second brew, use hot water at 70°C and drink the green tea right away.

For a milder taste, add 13g of Gyokuro Kimigayo – First Flush to 1 litre of hot water at 50°C and leave to brew for 5 minutes. You can brew the tea a second time at 70-80°C for approx. 3 minutes.


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