aiya – THE TEA

What stands behind the brand aiya – THE TEA? Here you can find more about our roots and goals. 


We want to inspire people with our products. That means it’s not about selling our customers the cheapest matcha tea around. Rather, our claim is to offer products with a unique level of quality. This is something we work on, together with our parent company in Japan, each and every day.

aiya – THE TEA is the result of this work: a broad range, outstanding quality, a traditional product with a modern presentation. aiya – THE TEA also means: what you see is what you get. Our matcha is 100% matcha – neither diluted nor enhanced. Pure and simple. All our products go through quality checks, which you as the customer can look into whenever you like. It’s easy to contact us.

Naturally, after the events in Fukushima, a radioactivity analysis is standard procedure. You can request the corresponding analysis for each product from us at any time. Incidentally, all the products we have imported since the disaster have been completely uncontaminated.


For us at AIYA, the term “family business” doesn’t just mean that we are still family-owned and able to act entirely independently. It also means that everybody who works with our products is part of the AIYA family. This also applies to our tea farmers. Intensive and trusting cooperation with the best tea farmers in Japan is the basis for our organic matcha.

Many tea farmers have been working with AIYA for generations. The farmer takes care of his fields, the plants and the harvest, but also the quality of his products. AIYA buys the farmers’ entire harvest in order to ensure they have a regular income. But not only that: we are partners and advisors, helping the tea producers with whatever concerns they might have. What are the best ingredients for the production of natural fertilizer? What natural, biological defensive measures can help in the fight against pests? How can stresses on plants be reduced?

The joint ongoing development of our products ensures exclusive quality and is fun – it’s been that way for and across the generations.