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Organic Sencha Momoyama is named after the defining period that had the longest lasting impact on Japanese tea culture. Literally, “Momoyama” means “peach mountain”, while the period in history was one of the shortest yet most significant in Japanese history, spanning from 1573 to 1615.

During this period, the most predominantly drunk tea in Japan was matcha and, through its contact with China, Japan came to learn a new tea culture that, decades later, became known as the sencha tea ceremony. This culture was even expected to overrun the popularity of matcha in the 19th century.

This Sencha tea came from the idyllic mountains of Kirishima. Sencha Momoyama – first flush is a good example of the unique flavour of top quality Sencha tea. Young leaves and buds are harvested at heights of 200-300m, which is what gives Sencha its incredibly fruity and aromatic flavour.

Steaming time: Short (Asamushi)
Harvesting time: April
Special features: garden tea
Grown in: Kagoshima, Kirishima
Certified organic: Yes

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Japanese tea lovers add 2.5g of Sencha Momoyama – First Flush to 100ml of water and brew for 60 seconds at 80°C. For the second brew, use hot water at 80°C and drink the green tea right away.

For a milder taste, add 12g of Sencha Momoyama – First Flush to 1 litre of hot water at 70°C and leave to brew for 3 minutes. You can brew the tea a second time at 70-80°C for approx. 3 minutes.


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