The history of aiya – THE TEA does not go back as long as the story of matcha tea itself. But together with the whole matcha family we shape the matcha world and spread the enthusiasm for the green gold since many years.

In 1888 Aijiro Sugita set up a shop selling tea and kimono fabrics. Aijiro had been skilled in two things more than anything: the production of matcha and the dyeing of kimono fabrics. When it came to dyeing fabrics indigo, he used a substance known as “Aidama”. From this word the name “Aiya” originated, which nowadays serves as the official name of our company.

And even now, almost 130 years after Aijiro began producing matcha, Matcha tea at Aiya is being ground according to traditional and high-quality methods in granite stone grinders.


Aijiro Sugita I opens his shop ``Sugita Shoten``, which specialises in the production and sale of tea and indigo.


AIYA sells matcha throughout Aichi.


AIYA now owns exclusive rights to 35 hectares of tea plantations.


Aijiro II takes over the company from his father.


The company’s headquarters and factory are reconstructed.


Aijiro III takes over the company.


Daily production is expanded to 400 kg, the number of stone grinders now reaches 320.


Daily production rises to 1000 kg.


Beginning of cultivation of organic matcha.


AIYA starts exporting tea to North America.


AIYA is the first matcha producer to install its own quality controls with an associated laboratory.


AIYA celebrates its 100th birthday. Aijiro IV takes over AIYA.

Affiliate company Meihoen its founded to support tea farmers in cultivation and production.


The number of stone grinders is increased to 1080. With the simultaneous production of the second tea factory, AIYA is able to produce up to 1,200 kg a day.


AIYA installs a production line that can produce tea with a significant reduction in bacteria, and is the first matcha company in Japan to do so.


Creation of a new tencha processing factory and a new refrigerated warehouse with 360-ton cooling capacity.


AIYA is the first matcha-producing company to be awarded ISO9002 certification.


AIYA opens two branch offices in New York and Vienna. AIYA’s matcha is awarded the newly created JAS certification (Japan’s organic standard).


AIYA matcha is the first to be certified as organic internationally, by OCIA (USA) and IMO (Europe). At the same time, AIYA is likewise the first matcha company to be certified as kosher. AIYA develops a colour-fast variety of matcha tea, matcha MT-21. The production process is patented worldwide.


AIYA builds a new matcha factory, production rises by 25%.


AIYA opens a Chinese subsidiary in Zhejiang, China, and begins tea production in the mother country of tea. AIYA sets a new production record at 84 tons of matcha per month.


AIYA is awarded the stringent AIB certification with the distinction ``Superior``.


AIYA Europe is relocated from Vienna in Austria to Europe’s tea capital Hamburg. AIYA is the first matcha company to be awarded ISO 22000 certification.


AIYA Europe launched its own brand under the name aiya – THE TEA in Europe