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The Premium Gift Set offers everything Matcha fans could wish for: our Premium Matcha Ten for pure pleasure, our wonderful matcha bowl Tenmoku, a bamboo whisk (Chasen), bamboo spoon (Chashaku) and a matcha tea strainer for perfect preparation of the noble green tea. The products are packed in an elegant box. This set is therefore suitable as a very valuable gift for a matcha lover or yourself.

Super Premium Matcha Ten is a limited edition of Japan’s first-class organic matcha tea. It has a sweet yet mild, light, fruity, fresh and intense flavour. Its tantalisingly beautiful and luminous jade green colour gives you a foretaste of its fine fragrance. Ten offers excellent quality of organic matcha tea.

The dark colour of our matcha bowl Haigara emphasises the rich and luminous green colour of the matcha. The bowl’s design is based on traditional, unglazed ceramic. The marks of the potter’s trade are clearly visible here; glaze is used sparingly to accentuate the design. The bowl’s simplicity perfectly matches the pure, unadulterated indulgence of AIYA organic matcha. It is decorated with a traditional wood-ash glaze and the roughness of the material gives it a unique feel to the touch.

Matcha tea has been prepared using bamboo whisks (chasen) for hundreds of years, which is what gives the tea its creamy and frothy texture. The bamboo whisk is an essential component in the matcha tea ceremony. The chasen is made by hand; the tines are painstakingly cut from one bamboo stalk and then carved to shape. The art of making these whisks is exclusive to specially trained craftsmen. Their knowledge has been passed down through generations. It is not possible to manufacture the matcha bamboo whisks by machine, which is what makes each product unique.

A bamboo scoop, also called chashaku, is traditionally being used for perfectly dosing high-quality matcha. Chashaku are carved out of bamboo and brought into their scoop-form by hand over hot steam.
Additionally it also brings the ritual of matcha ceremony right into your kitchen – no scale can be a match for this handmade, sustainably produced natural product.

The finer and more frothy the Matcha is whisked, the better its taste. We therefore recommend sieving our Matcha to avoid possible lumps. The result ensures the best enjoyment of our organic Matcha qualities.


To prepare Premium Matcha Ten, boil fresh and preferably soft water. Let the water cool to 80°C (for example, by pouring the water back and forth between cups three times or by opening the kettle and waiting 10 minutes). Place 1 gram of matcha Ten (two bamboo scoops or half a tea spoon) in a matcha bowl. Whisk the matcha for about 15 seconds until frothy using the bamboo whisk. Find out more about how to prepare matcha here. Matcha Ten can also be used to prepare koicha. To do this, add just a little water to the matcha to taste.


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