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Our Starter Gift Set is ideal for Matcha newcomers. It consists of our Everyday Matcha Izumi (30g tin), a bamboo whisk (Chasen) and a bamboo spoon (Chashaku). It is packed in a gift box with an elegant sleeve.

aiya – THE TEA Matcha for Beginners Izumi is the perfect tea for anyone wanting to try matcha for the first time. Like all products from aiya – THE TEA, it is organically produced. It is the ideal tea for getting to know the world of matcha, before moving on to the higher quality varieties. Beginners’ matcha is also ideal for use in cooking (discover our matcha recipes), as a vegan matcha drink with milk or soy milk, such as Matcha latte. It is also a very delicious ingredient in desserts.

Izumi has a stronger and slightly bitterer taste compared to higher quality matchas. The name “Izumi” means “spring”. Discover the benefits of this matcha as the source of your extra daily dose of energy – starting out with this tea opens the door to the wide world of matcha teas.

Matcha tea has been prepared using bamboo whisks (chasen) for hundreds of years, giving the tea its creamy and frothy texture. The bamboo whisk is an essential component in the matcha tea ceremony. The Chasen is made by hand; the tines are painstakingly cut from one bamboo stalk and then carved to shape. The art of making these whisks is exclusive to specially trained craftsmen. Their knowledge has been passed down through generations. It is not possible to manufacture the matcha bamboo whisks by machine, which is what makes each product unique.


To prepare Matcha for Beginners Izumi, boil fresh and preferably soft water. Let the water cool to 80°C (for example, by pouring the water back and forth between cups three times or by opening the kettle and waiting 10 minutes). Place 1 gram of Izumi matcha (two bamboo scoops or half a tea spoon) in a matcha bowl. Whisk the matcha for about 15 seconds until frothy using the bamboo whisk. Find out more about how to prepare matcha here.


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