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Our light-coloured matcha bowl ume has a diameter of 12 cm and a height of 7 cm. The way in which it is made makes each bowl one of a kind: The clay reacts the to the ash content in the feldspathic glaze when in the kiln to produce a natural decorative finish. Small pink-coloured dots appear on the base of the matcha bowl, which in Japan are referred to as “plum blossoms” or “autumn leaves”.

The handcraft behind this tea bowl is reflected in its overall appearance: artistic, elegant and classic with a certain unique quality. The tea bowl is ideal for enjoying matcha the traditional way. Create the perfect matcha tea set by adding a bamboo whisk and bamboo scoop.

Please wash the matcha bowl in hot water only and do not use washing-up liquid to ensure that the bowl does not compromise the flavour of the matcha.


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