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Ceremonial Matcha Akashi is the most popular variety of matcha. Organic Akashi matcha from aiya-THE TEA has a rich fragrance with a fruity flavour, and it combines all the great properties of matcha in one: mild, delicately bitter, smooth, sweet and nourishing. The name “Akashi” means “light”; reminiscent of the luminous light green colour of the matcha tea. Ceremonial Matcha Akashi is the ideal everyday drink for matcha connoisseurs and is the “Premium Beginners’ Matcha”.

Besides tea, Matcha has a wide range of other uses in the kitchen: Refine your desserts, such as ice-cream or cake, by adding Ceremonial Akashi, or add a unique kick to your smoothies and drinks.

Ceremonial Matcha Akashi is available in 30- and 80-gram tins in our matcha shop. Order your green power straight from the source in the aiya – THE TEA Shop. Looking for cute gift ideas? Spoil your tea-loving friends with a gift set of Matcha Akashi with a matcha bowl and a high quality bamboo whisk.


To prepare Ceremonial Matcha Akashi, boil fresh and preferably soft water. Let the water cool to 80°C (for example, by pouring the water back and forth between cups three times or by opening the kettle and waiting 10 minutes). Place 1 gram of Izumi matcha (two bamboo scoops or half a tea spoon) in a matcha bowl. Whisk the matcha for about 15 seconds until frothy using the bamboo whisk. Find out more about how to prepare matcha here.


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