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Matcha tea has been prepared using bamboo whisks (chasen) for hundreds of years, which is what gives the tea its creamy and frothy texture. The bamboo whisk is an essential component in the matcha tea ceremony. The chasen is made by hand; the tines are painstakingly cut from one bamboo stalk and then carved to shape. The art of making these whisks is exclusive to specially trained craftsmen. Their knowledge has been passed down through generations. It is not possible to manufacture the matcha bamboo whisks by machine, which is what makes each product unique.

AIYA chasen are made from sustainable raw materials and are designed to create perfectly frothy matcha. To accompany the bamboo whisks, we have a wide range of artisan matcha bowls. Our bamboo whisks also make the perfect gift as part of a set when combined with an organic matcha tea and bowl from our online shop.


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