Our Shincha 2018 is here!

We are looking forward to the first tea of the season: Our Shincha – First Flush! In Japan, Shincha is a very special tea, which is harvested only in the so-called Golden Week in early May.

10 days before the harvest, the tea is covered with black nets. Since the leaves are overshadowed they produce less bitter substances, which are normally produced to protect the leaves from sunlight. At the same time more amino acids are formed – these make the tea noticeably sweeter giving it the typical umami flavor.

After the fresh tea leaves are harvested, they are transported to our factory as quickly as possible. Here the tea leaves are steamed. This stops the fermentation and keeps the leaf green, fresh and juicy. Subsequently, the tea leaves are rolled and dried.

Now, the different tea qualities and unwanted parts such as coarse leaves, stems, etc. must be sorted out. The tea leaves are then blended to guarantee the best possible quality.

Our aiya-THE TEA Organic Shincha is carefully grown, harvested and packed in Japan until delivered to us!