Enjoy Your Summer with Matcha!

Summer is finally here and with it the long-awaited vacation! At the thought of a cloudless blue sky and turquoise sea, feelings of freedom arise. Our most beautiful summer moment is to lie in the hammock with an ice cream. Whether ice cream on a stick or in a cone, our favorite ingredient Matcha should not be missing.

The premium green tea gently innervates systematic circulation – for the extra energy kick on hot summer days. In addition, Matcha contains a high proportion of catechins, which leads to stimulation of lipid metabolism. It also makes the skin more resistant to sun rays. Nicecream instead of ice cream: With real superfoods instead of artificial additives, you can enjoy homemade ice cream without any guilt.

Besides Nicecream you should not miss out on iced Matcha drinks in Summer such as an iced Matcha latte and a fruity Matcha Ice Tea.