A Cup of Green Tea!

We Europeans often associate the Japanese tea culture with a strict ritual and a tea ceremony. But in Japan green tea is drunk just like we drink water or coffee. There are dozens of different qualities and tastes, which are integrated into the Japanese culture.

Since we would like to share some of the best green teas with you, we have expanded our green tea range with two special autumn editions. Both teas can be prepared after a beautiful autumn stroll, in the evening or whenever you feel like drinking a good cup of tea.

The name Kukicha already discloses the main ingredient. “Kuki” means “stalk” in Japanese and Kukicha describes a stalk-leaf tea. Our Kukicha contains overshadowed green tea stems and the leaf ribs of high quality Sencha. As a result, it has little caffeine and can be drunk in the evening. It has an intense color and tastes slightly fruity and mild-sweet.

With its fresh, nutty and pleasantly mild aroma, the Genmaicha is a typical “New Year Tea” in Japan. He is a true beauty. This tea is made from the mix of the best Sencha with roasted brown rice – the so-called “genmai”. The rice that has given the tea its name has a smell which reminds of popcorn. This is because the puffed rice gives off a light roasted aroma.

Discover our green tea varieties here.

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